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Chilli Bomba

Late Night Run

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We whipped up this cool 30-second ad for Chilli Bomba, giving it that awesome throwback vibe we all used to dig in the '90s. Picture this - a chill dude strolling into a liquor store, spotting the fiery Chilli Bomba candy, and making the grab. It's not just about showing off the candy; it's like bringing back those laid-back vibes we all loved back in the day, making it a fun connection with the folks who get what we're throwin' down.

Chilli Bomba is a new type of candy, equal parts sweet, spicy, and savoury, perfect for munching on, and on, and on. The LA-based brand breaks the monotony of the overtly sweet candy-land introducing gourmet, small-batch chilli candies targeted mainly at adults.Candy is just for kids. Says who? Chilli Bomba is candy for adult rebels, who are looking for tongue-tingling goodness where the sweet meets the heat. ‘Candy for rebels’ quickly became the core of our strategy.



Ruben Sarian

Director / DP

Scott Toler Collins


Sebastian Kolderup-Lane


Marcus Escobar

Production Assistant

Narek Kasumyan


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