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Kaya Farms

The Mother & The Clone

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Kaya Farms is a boutique cannabis cultivation farm located in Orange County, CA. Having been in cultivation for 20+ years, Kaya has never strayed away from their core mission: to breed their own unique strains of cannabis & produce them with the highest quality possible. As their introduction to the recreational market, we set out to make a 9 episode educational docu-series that highlight the various stages of their grow process, their various partnerships with brands, and some insight into this up-and-coming market. This series was used to educate their core audience of cannabis enthusiasts but also used as an asset to attract investors & partners in the cannabis space. Having spent weeks with the Kaya team, we really identified with their attention to detail, craftsmanship, and their tight-knight team, which really shows in their end product.



Ruben Sarian


George Hernandez

1st AC

Edwin Khudadian

1st AC

Erik Bakshi

Production Sound

Yao Wang


Karina Farris

Assistant Editor

Julien Perez


Canon C200 Cinema Package

Leica R Lens Set

Canon CN-E Cinema Lens Set

BlackMagic Pocket 6K Camera

EasyRig Minimax

Red Screen 1 Ton Grip Package

Aputure Lighting Package


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