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Potential Power is an industrial & commercial design firm that specializes in power system analysis, project management, and electrical engineering set-up for contractors and developers. This project was unique in various ways. Our client came to us with a blank slate and we took it from there. Not wanting to speak in front of the camera, we opted to develop a script and narrate over a set of visuals.

We worked with the client to source various locations that we can film that would represent their day-to-day operations: A job site, an office setting, and a completed job to represent their portfolio of work. To give the piece a high tech & modern feeling , we opted to shoot on Anamorphic lenses. To give it further energy and flow, we opted to shoot with a mix of static and handheld shots.



Ruben Sarian


Edwin Khudadian


RT Ferrell

Voice Over

Ski Miller

Special Thanks

Alex Matevosian

Special Thanks

Arthur Sohrabian


Atlas Orion Anamorphic Lens Kit

Canon C200 Cinema Package

Sachtler Aktiv8

EasyRig Minimax

Matthews Master Mount

Red Screen 1 Ton Grip Package

Aputure Lighting Package


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